ONE by AOL: Display MP is built by industry veterans with buy side expertise and a proven track record of developing industry leading ad technologies.

Our real-time platform connects buyers with high quality inventory from top publishers across the globe and the tools necessary to drive optimal campaign performance.

Industry Experience

  • ONE by AOL: Display MP leverages's 15+ years of experience with non-reserved inventory monetization, campaign optimization and targeting solutions.

Quality Inventory & Global Reach

  • Access high quality inventory from comScore top 200 and niche publishers.
  • Relationships with publishers in over 20 countries. 
  • Exclusive inventory from AOL and Huffington Post. 

Real-Time Marketplace

  • Buy efficiently and accurately through a real-time bidding API or tag-based buys.

Reporting, Insights & Client Service

  • Customizable reports to monitor and analyze campaign performance.
  • Work with a dedicated client service team who will help interpret campaign results and provide valuable insights.